E.M. Koeppel Short Fiction Contest Winners since 2004.  In each year the Grand Prize Winner is listed first. Stories of Distinction by year are listed after the contest winners.


Discipline by Richard B. Gustafson

Editors Choice 2014

Friends by David L. Hoof.


Slipping Into the Gene Pool by Mike Tuohy (nominated for a Pushcart Prize)

Editors' Choice 2013

Too Many Stones by Rodney Nelsestuen


First Full Night of Winter by David Brendan Hopes (nominated for a Pushcart Prize)

Editors' Choice 2012

Injured Life by Adelay Elizabeth Witherite


The Thirteen-Lined Ground Squirrel by Athena Abrams (nominated for a Pushcart Prize)

Editors' Choices 2011

Puppy by Kathryn Henion

The Red Dress by Arlene Sanders


The Once and Missing Captain of Commerce by Rodney Nelsestuen (nominated for a Pushcart Prize)

Editors' Choices 2010

Frank and Me by Lester Colodny

Absence by Evan Guilford-Blake (nominated for a Pushcart Prize)


Rational Actions by Noah Edelson (nominated for a Pushcart Prize)

Editors' Choices 2009

The Limits of My World by Johanna Lipford

La Esperanza by Rodney Nelsestuen


Round Trip by A. Molotkov (nominated for a Pushcart Prize)

Editors' Choices 2008

What Could Be Said about Pedris Road by Ru S. Freeman

On the Case by Jeff Kass

The Transparent House by Edith Pearlman


When the Brakes Went by Stephen Schaurer (nominated for a Pushcart Prize)

Editors' Choices 2007

Breakfast with Strangers by Sara L. Gmitter

Between the Lines by Olga Levinzon

Sunday's Catch by Catherine Mitchell


Sun Kissed by A.R. Kahn

Editors' Choices 2006

Babies on Rafts by Lones Seiber

Bat by Sallie Bingham

Esso by Lindsey Silken


Death and Popcorn by Megan Somogyi

Editors' Choices 2005

Living with Fingers Crossed by Daniel Cubias

Nameless by Sarah Halford


Dozen Wheelbarrows by Gregg Cusick


Editors' Choices 2004

At the Fair by Martine Fournier

Conquering Gravity by Sandra Bestland


Stories of Distinction


     Agustus Beck, The Cameraman (OH)

     Devorah Cutler-Rubenstein, Finding Ha’Shem (CA)

     Cameron Kirkpatrick, The Fight Within (CA)

     J. Lipford, Incident at Reggio (Rome, ITALY)

     Paul J. Martin, The News Item (WA)

     Rodney Nelsestuen, Misting Lettuce (MN)

     Rick Sapp, A High, Desolate Place (FL)

     Alan Scholting, Whiskey Sours (IL)

     James Wilkin, The Girl Who Never Farted (MN)

     Jed Wyman, Year of the Wrench (OR)


     Jim Barrett, Thoughts, (CA)

     Mark Connelly, Let Us Plough, Let Us Build (WI)

     Jack Hennessy, Whistle (WA)

     Caitlin Kindervatter-Clark, Variations on a Dying Swan (Washington DC)

     Jillian Merrifield, Angler Fish (IL)

     Rick Sapp, The Man Who Invented Love (FL)

     Anneliese Schultz, Shot With Light (British Columbia)

     Phil Truman, Skins Game (OK)

     Mike Tuohy, Life One-O-One (GA)

     Jed Wyman, Egan Run (OR)


     Devin Dwyer Amico, A Short Walk with Erica (OR)

     Allie Marini Batts, Two Pounds, Two Ounces (FL)

     Greg Cusick, Photos I'm Not In (NC)

     Leigh Hunt, The Love Poems of a Professional Torturer (WA)

     Miriam Karmel, Chopsticks (MN)

     Matthew Pitt, Absolutely I Remember You (MS)

     Paul J. Spillane, The Accidental Thief (FL)

     Riba Taylor, Between My Ribs (CA)

     Paul Weidknecht, Resurrection Fern (NJ)

     Caroline Zancan, The Homecoming (NY)



     Mia Farinelli, The Flight (NY)

     Evan Guilford-Blake, My Enemy, Dr. Seuss, (GA)

     Jennifer Hanno, The Offer, (NY)

     Robert Koch, The Bookmobile Thief, (CO)

     Nathan M. Senge, The Writer and the Painter, (CO)

     Morgan Smith, It’s About Shakey, (NM)

     Morris Smith, Good Clean Fun, (GA)

     Mariflo Stephens, At the Fountain, (VA)

     Gale Tanner, The Cut Nail, (GA)

     Riba Taylor, The Day We Met, (CA)

     Frederic Townsend, Polite Is Fifty Cents Extra, (IL)


    Dawn Baldwin, Sounds True (West Virginia)

    Kathy Golden, Rev. Bingham's Discovery (Florida)

    Robert O. Harder, My Turn in the Barrel (Illinois)

    Jason Hinojosa, Then I will steal Europe for you too (West Bengal,  


    Nancy Jesse, Creative Non-fiction (Wisconsin)

    Miriam Karmel, Chopsticks (Minnesota)

    Diane De Pisa, Transformations (California)

    Bryce Steffen, The Memphis Street Sanctuary (Wisconsin)

    Eleanor Swanson, Stray Dogs (Colorado)

    Paul Takeuchi, Protection (New York)


    Shannon Baldwin, The Death of Dena Begay (New Mexico)

    Jeffrey Clark, Shakespeare's Dog (California)

    Greg Cusick, Hidden Ball Trick (North Carolina)

    Myha Thi Do, To Boil Water (California)

    Judith Kirscht, The Camera's Eye (Washington)

    Elizabeth Kraushar, Melanie's Favorite (Kansas)

    Carolyn Moore, Numbers, Photography, and the End of Days (Oregon)

    Holly Patrone-Swiderski, Of Mermaids and Dolphins (New York)

    Matthew Pitt, Ugly American Understudies (Mississippi)


    Greg Cusick, Latin for Ponder (North Carolina)

    Jaclyn Dwyer, Sisters, Eclipsed (Pennsylvania)

    Bruce Graham, Virgin Birth (Florida)

    Scott A. Jones, Blood (New Mexico)

    Amelia Kahaney, The Temp (New York)

    Alexander Maggio, Barnacles (Massachusetts)

    Eric Rawson, Glad to Be Going (California)

    M.A. Tuohy, Color Me Stupid (Georgia)


    Thomas Gough, To Keep Ahead of Spring (New Zealand)

    Jeff Kass, The Naked Guy Is Dead (Michigan)

    Nancy McKinley, Goat Meat (Pennsylvania)

    Lydia Paar, Negative Space (Arizona)

    Edith Pearlman, Safari Shrink (Massachusetts)

    Jendi Reiter, Julian's Yearbook (Massachusetts)

    Anne Ring, The Festival (California)

    Arlene Sanders, Charlie Feathers (Virginia)


    Ayala Cnaan, Interrogation Room (Pennsylvania)

    Jeff Kass, Don't Mess (Michigan)

    Clay McDermott, Generations (Iowa)

    Peter Ohren, Parting (Michigan)

    Eleanor Swanson, Harry Tristano (Colorado)

    Linda Warren, Once or Twice a Year, Tops (Louisiana)


  • Dorothy K. Fletcher, My Singing Wheels (Florida)
  • Sarah Flygare, Learning to Squander (Washington)
  • Martine Fournier, Angelina's Scar (Michigan)
  • Andrew C. Gottlieb, The End of a Season (Washington)
  • Valerie M. Griggs, Floodgate (New York)
  • Henry E. Hack, Betrayal (New York)
  • Rick Jankowski, The Promise (Illinois)
  • Jocelyn Johnson, Pseudocyesis (Virginia)
  • John B. Kachuba, Foremost a Son (Ohio)
  • Ruth Moon Kempher, The Dog Fable (Florida)
  • C. Evans Mylonas, Assault by Cat (Texas)
  • Sally M. Nielsen, The Man from Illinois (Florida)
  • Elaine Neil Orr, The Hair Cut (North Carolina)
  • Sally Pont, My Starting Line (Maryland)
  • Macy Gardner Raymond, Get Your Goat (Massachusetts)
  • Franklin David Richardson, A Touch of Violence (Florida)
  • Amy Root, Solstice (Texas)
  • Arlene Sanders, Red Roses (Virginia)
  • Lones Seiber, Steps (Tennessee)
  • Miriam Wolf, Damnation (California)
  • Eric Flamm, My Partners (Oregon)
  • Kate Blackwell, Scaffolding (D.C.)
  • Judith Behrendt, Meeting the Mother (Arizona)