Writecorner Press accepts review copies of novels, short fiction collections, poetry books, oral history works, and memoirs from established publishers and from established and emerging writers for possible reviews. (No self-publishing.) Published books rather than uncorrected proofs are preferred. Mail (no Fed-ex) to Writecorner Press, PO Box 140310 Gainesville, FL 32614. Reviews are posted below in alphabetical order by the author's surname (reviewer names in parentheses).


Other Books of Strong Interest

Cynthia Barnett. Mirage: Florida and the Vanishing Water of the Eastern U. S. The University. of Michigan Press, 2007.

Joyce Brodsky. Experiences of Passage: The Paintings of Yun Gee & Li-Lan. University of Washington Press, 2008.

Colette. Green Wheat, A Novel. Translated by Zack Rogow. Sarabande Books, 2004.

Naomi Feigelson Chase. gittel, the would-be messiah, a novel in verse. Turning Point, 2005.

Gloria Dyc. East West and Beyond. Plain View Press, 2007.

Inside And Out. Poems by Richard E. Carter with Drawings by Carolyn Kennedy-Carter. Appleport Press, 2011.

Scott Elliott. Temple Grove, A Novel. University of Washington Press, 2013

Leif Enger. Peace Like a River. Grove Press, 2001.

Elizabeth Friedmann. A Mannered Grace: The Life of Laura (Riding) Jackson. Persea Books, Inc, 2005.

Terry Godbey. Behind Every Door. Slipstream. 2006.

                      Beauty Lessons: Poems. Quercus Review Press, 2010.

                      hold still:terry godbey poems. Main Street Rag Publishing Company, 2014.

Nadine Gordimer. The House Gun. Farrar,Straus,and Giroux, 1998.

Michael Gruber. Tropic of Night, A Novel. Harper, 2009.

Lola Haskins. The Grace to Leave, Poems. Anhinga Press, 2012.

Irene Blair Honeycutt. Before the Light Changes. Main Street Rag Publishing, 2008.

Mary A. Hood. River Time: Ecotravel on the World's Rivers. State University of New York Press, 2008.

Emma Howell. Slim Night of Recognition, Poems. Eastern Washington University Press, 2007.

Eowyn Ivey. The Snow Child. Little, Brown and Company, 2012.

Gish Jen. Love Wife. Vintage Books. 2004.

Ruth Moon Kempher. A Book of Hours and Designs. Pudding House Publications, 2006.

Barbara Kingsolver. Animal Dreams. Perenial, 2005.

Peg Lauber. New Orleans Suite. Marsh River Editions, Marshfield, Wisconsin, 2006.

Janet Leahy. Not My Mother's Classroom: Poems by Janet Leahy. Illustrations by Edith DeBrue. Poetry People Press, 2012.

Orhan Pamuk. Snow, a Novel. Alfred A. Knopf, 2004.

Ann Patchett. Bell Canto. Harper Collins, 2001.

Tania Pryputniewicz. November Butterfly. Saddle Road Press, 2014.

Diana Randolph. Beacons of the Earth and Sky: Paintings and Poetry Inspired by the Natural World. Savage Press, 2012.

David Ray. The Death of Sardanapalus & Other Poems of the Iraq Wars. Howling Dog Press, 2004.

Charlotte Rogan. The Lifeboat. Reagan Arthur Books/ Little, Brown and Company, 2012.

Zack Rogow, Ed. Two Lines XIV: World Writing in Translation. Center for the Art of Translation distributed by University of Washington Press, 2007.

Bonny Barry Sanders. Finding Love Among the Ashes of the Civil War. Burd Street Press, 2007.

Anne Sanow. Triple Time. University of Pittsburgh Press, 2009. 

Laura Stamps. Cats and Chrysanthemums: New & Collected Poems (1987-2005) Kittyfeather Press, 2005.