Fresh & Ripe

Good literature is like fine fruit: FRESH AND RIPE. We publish by invitation short fiction and short nonfiction from two types of writers: FRESH-NEW WRITERS and RIPE-SEASONED AUTHORS who have a body of work to their credit and who deserve a wider reading audience. These are writers whose work we've enjoyed reading and believe you will, too. They're listed here in alphabetical order by last name, title and type of the author's piece following the name. We expect to add more to this list in the near future. Writecorner Press has received permission from each author on this page to publish his or her copyrighted piece. It may not be duplicated or reproduced in any way without permission from the author.

  • John Blade, From Three to Five: These Views of the Moon, short story
  • Diana Brantley, three poems from Phases, her book of poems
  • Howard Denson, The Cat-killer, short story
  • D.H. (Darlene) Eaton, excerpt from the novel The Osceola Community Club
  • Eric Flamm, My Partners, short story
  • Carlota Fowler, The Execution, short story
  • Sohrab Homi Fracis:
  • Distant Vision, short story
  • The Reader, short story
  • Stephen (Steve) Gallivan--On Boston, memoir
  • Robert B. Gentry:
  • Quest for Peace (prize-winning letter)
  • Punished (Army memory)                         
  • Light and Time in Virginia Woolf's To the Lighthouse, essay
  • Love and Death in Cormac McCarthy's The Road, essay
  • Tom Glenn:
  • Short-Timers, short story
  • The Gift of the Father, short story
  • Dave Kenagy, Lessons from the Infusion Room (personal experience)
  • Rick Maloy, The Sin in the Cemetery, short story
  • Bert Miller, In Paul's Path on the Via Egnatia, remembrance
  • Bob Monson:
  • Dakota, short story
  • The Men at Mac's, poem
  • Elaine Neil Orr, The Hair Cut, short story
  • Charles E. Rice, The Waiting Mountains, essay from the book The View from My Ridge
  • Phil Rice, Experiencing Winwood: A Musical Memoir in 11 Minutes and 41 Seconds
  • Brewster Milton Robertson, excerpt from the novel A Posturing of Fools
  • Karl Schwartz, Works in Expressionism, article with visual art
  • Peter Sears:
  • Spec 4 Sly Gifford, short story
  • three poems from Sears' 2008 chapbook Luge and three new poems (2012)
  • Tom A. Titus, excerpts from Blackberries in July: A Forager's Guide to Inner Peace
  • Rick Wallach, Theater, Ritual, and Dream in the Border Trilogy, essay on three of Cormac McCarthy's Western novels

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Note: This Fresh and Ripe page is not connected to the E. M. Koeppel Contest or P. L. Titus Scholarship, except occasionally entrants in the contest are invited to publish here.