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The E. M. Koeppel Short Fiction Contest and Writing Scholarship Are Cancelled.

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Robert Gentry's essay "The Other Knoxville Responds to Suttree et al: An Argument" appears in the revised and expanded 2nd edition of You Would Not Believe What Watches, Suttree and Cormac McCarthy's Knoxville: Casebook Studies in Cormac McCarthy, Volume I. The new edition of the casebook is now available from the online bookshop of the Cormac McCarthy Society at $29.00 for society members and $34.00 for non-members.


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Good literature is like fine fruit: Fresh & Ripe. Find here fiction and nonfiction from Fresh-New Writers and Ripe-Seasoned Authors, like award winners Sohrab Homi Fracis , Tom Glenn, Dianne Luce, Rick Maloy, Peter Sears, and Rick Wallach who have a body of work to their credit and who deserve a wider reading audience. Works published on this page are by Writecorner Press invitation.

Lessons from the Infusion Room, a memoir by Dave Kenagy

Quest for Peace, a prize-winning letter by Robert B. Gentry


Fresh & Ripe

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Writecorner Press welcomes review copies of poetry, short fiction collections, and novels by emerging and established writers. (No self-publishing.) Mail (no Fed-ex, etc.) to Writecorner Press, P.O. Box 140310 Gainesville, FL 32614.


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Find an annotated list of standard works which writers should read and reread. Recommendations include classics by noted writers like Shakespeare, Thomas Mann, Ralph Ellison, and John Kennedy Toole and excellent contemporary novels by Milan Kundera, Cormac McCarthy, Toni Morrison, and others.

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Mary Sue Koeppel, Coeditor: Award- winning editor, poet, short fiction writer, textbook author, TV interviewer. Discover more about her. Order her books.

Robert B. Gentry, Coeditor: Award-winning short story writer, essayist, memoirist, book reviewer, textbook author, oral historian. Read more about him. Order his books.

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